Your happy go lucky smile in the mornings

That greeted me as I stepped into our classroom

Your totally idiotic jokes, your amazing clumsiness

Which honestly made me cringe and step back

The dumb things we did in the name of learning

The crazy laughs we had because of those failures

I wonder where they have gone to now.

The memory of us sitting in our classroom

Still remain fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday.

The sleepy classes with noisy teachers teaching

The everyday lunch breaks, sitting in circles

The tired evening bus rides we had together

These simple day to day insignificant actions

Are the things I miss the most every day.

The warm soothing words said to me by you

After getting reproached by a angry teacher

Still echo in my mind clearly if I am down

Even after all these years without you.

At school we believed in eternity

Happily proclaimed ourselves BFFs

Dreamt beautiful envious dreams together.

Lived in our own world believing it was everything

Until the bitter parting knocked on our doors.

Made a tearful promise during graduation

That no matter how much busy we were

We wouldn’t forget to call and meet each other.

But as months passed by and we got new friends

The calls decreased and even though we made plans

To finally meet, we cancelled it at the last minute.

Though I wanted to talk to you, I never made the call

We, who used to talk for hours, just couldn’t talk anymore.

I didn’t realize it then, how much I would miss it later

I foolishly believed that it had no significance.

Now after these much years living in the harsh reality

I long for that unreasonable innocence, that ardent trust

The future we both envisioned together sitting in our desks

And most important of all the friendship we shared

Free from all the unnecessary pains and troubles.

If we, by some uncanny possibility, meet again

I wonder whether we can go back to being friends

Despite the fact that we are not the same people anymore.

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