Review of John Oliver’s Journalism video

John Oliver’s take on Journalism mainly deals with the decline of print journalism. As news is freely available online, people prefer free news on the internet to the paid news i.e. newspapers. Many local newspapers have been shut down and many journalists have been let go because of money problems. Another issue is the commercialization of news which happens when rich people buy newspaper companies for profit.

John Oliver brings out the plight of the journalists who are forced to follow stories which the readers prefer and not the stories of importance. Readers would rather read feel good stories than read corruption stories. Newspaper companies also expect journalists to find a story, edit it and also tweet about it on social media. This increases the work pressure on the journalists. By making the journalists cover trivial stories for money, the profession of journalism seems to be taking a hit.

The video clip at the end shows the present plight of the journalists who are suffering because of their profit and social media oriented companies. By using the dialogues from the movie Spotlight and contradicting it with its practicality at present the video highlights the changing scenario in the field of journalism and how investigative journalism is dying out. Seeing the journalist track City Hall corruption while the boss seems to be interested in a story about racoon cat starkly portrays the different ideologies pursued by the journalists and the company they work for.

Oliver with his usual use of sarcastic wit and ironic imagery gives voice to the troubles faced by journalist in the social media frenzied world.