Unexpressed Love

His trembling hands as he walks by

He thinks no one sees, but I do

His silent tears as he lies

He thinks no one knows, but I do.

He is the one I’ve always wanted to protect

Embrace all his sadness and regret

But I can only watch him from afar

Even after knowing what he wishes for.

“This isn’t love”, I lied to myself

“He doesn’t love you”, I consoled myself

Whenever I saw him alone, but couldn’t go near

Though I knew those were petty excuses out of fear.

I love him but I can’t find the courage to say it to him

I need him but I can’t find the strength to hold onto him.

Will that day ever come?

When I could approach him on a whim

Tell him that I love him

Though the chances of him loving me are dim.

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