Get Your Own Personal Reporting Assistant

How often have you been drowned in the noise of emails, posts and activities that you missed something you really care about? Even though we live in a 24x7 “Always On” world, turns out this happens more often than you think. And when you finally do find out, it might be too late to take the right action or remedy the situation.

Timely Metrics delivered to you as a notification will dramatically change the dynamics of how you work and how effective you can be. You no longer need to be tuned in all the time, or refresh your dashboards frantically to get the information you need. All you do is setup notifications on Salesforce to deliver the metrics you care about — right to your Salesforce1 mobile app.

In Spring ‘15, you will be able to “subscribe” to any report and fine tune how you want to receive the notification.

Lets look at some examples —

  1. Sales

As a sales person, you are very metrics driven. How your pipeline is growing is something you deeply care about. You also care about opportunity stage movement and what number you will close for the quarter. But you spend majority of your time selling as you should. Setup a simple notification that is based on a threshold, if your pipeline exceeds a certain number or falls below a certain number, you can get notified. This will allow you to plan your day or week to focus on what matters as a result of changes to your pipeline.

2. Marketing

As a marketing person, you care about the generating leads and how your leads are performing. Are you focused on the right lead sources and which campaigns have the best ROI. Instead of going to you reports or dashboards tab on Salesforce, you can now setup a notification when you reach your lead target, or when any one campaign has a much higher return. This will allow you to make changes to your marketing plans accordingly and stay focused on your overall goal.

3. Service

Given that we are now a customer success platform, this is one of my favorite use cases and one that has immense value. Think about having a notification delivered to you on number of red cases as compared to last week. Or even simpler, how many cases are taking longer than N days to close. Or even better, wouldn’t it be nice to be the first person to know if your customer satisfaction index is dropping or going up? These notifications are conversation starters. As a leader, knowing these metrics at the right time will empower you to make the right decisions and keep your customers happy.

4. Non profit

We at Salesforce believe in the power of giving back and paying forward. I attended a non profit user group meeting recently and one of the main use cases I heard was to track donation. To be able to do that, create a custom object for donation. Build a report on the donation object and setup a notification when the donation amount meets a threshold. This notification can take various forms — get it on Salesforce1 app, notify a group on Chatter, and take a moment and celebrate with your team!

These are just some of the many use cases that you can setup using Salesforce1 Report Notifications.

For more information on how Notifications work, please refer to our Spring ’15 release notes.

Special thanks to Arun Varadharajan (@arun_sfdc) for his contributions to this post.