Be the Initiator

Good manners are a stepping stone to being a remarkable human being.

Women safety

Most discussed topic all over the world. We have thousands of laws for women but still women’s are getting raped and kidnapped. For this most of us will blame the men and our so called society. But I am not one of you all

Yes!!! You read right. I don’t blame men around us nor the society where I live. It’s my safety and I should be responsible for that.

Men who doesn’t respect women, they don’t have rights to live, but they are leading there life with so ease and they are not even blamed for their crime because society back up these “mens” by blaming women for lead her life with respect ,independence, following her dream, doing what she like. etc……

Prevention is better than cure…

We cannot except all men to be nice all the time neither we can except 24x7 we will be in the safe zone. According to me, it’s next to the impossible. Instead of demanding justice, fight for justice. Get ready to fight back then and there.

Stop blaming, Prepare yourself , Be strong.

Get self-defense training, keep things which will help you in those situation.

Don’t let crime to happen.

We always want the culprit should be punished, he should be.But what about the girl who has actually suffered, you cannot delete those scary nights from her life.

So instead of waiting for the government to make such a law where every girl/women in the society should get self-defense training.

Be the Initiator.