When office rhymes with hell

Like a bubble bursting in the sky
Each moment passes with a blink of an eye

Each day moving through rise and dip
Trapped I am in this viscous ship!

I pray for that time I could really call mine
To sleep in peace each day;
To spread a few smiles with friends, for some joy.

To the time I was treated as a boy
and not a winded toy.

How I wish my time was not torn
Sometimes I feel, why was I born?

To have myself split between home and work
Slogging each day, not to end up broke.

To be shouted at each day, to lose face
How much longer should I sprint in this rat-race ?

To feed my children with some rice
How much more sweat of mine would suffice?

Is not there a god above?
Does he have eyes ?

Ripped from hate, void of love
my bleeding heart; I dipped in ice!