Awards to Stand the Test of Time

Who doesn’t like to win — be it racing through the finish line, achieving a goal, or even just meeting an almost impossible deadline? The thrill is as much in being number one and out-performing others as in being the proud recipient a coveted prize.

If you don’t believe it, just scroll through some pictures of victorious athletes kissing their prized trophy or flashing the plaque for the cameras. The euphoria as a team exuberantly throws up a cup or launches a medallion can be quite contagious.

Compliments and applause gain a physical and permanent element with awards so that achievements can be honored timelessly. They can be in any form: trophies, plaques, medals, ribbons, lapel pins, or coins, but the excitement remains the same.

In fact, it is often believed that the prize or award adds an additional dimension to the competition or sport. Awards spur participants to do their best, they are motivated by the prestige of winning, and at times they can even accomplish what was thought to be impossible!

What winner does not love to flaunt his winnings for everyone to see, appreciate, and even crave? An award is cherished for years to come, and the winner’s eyes shine every time they land on the award as if it happened just yesterday!

With so much riding on the award, organizers can’t afford to be lax and pick anything off the rack. A run of the mill trophy or a dull medal doesn’t inspire competitors it doesn’t claim attention and it doesn’t signify the glory and respect that athletes and competitors crave.

Event coordinators, coaches, organizers and even industry leaders spend days or even months planning and designing their prized awards so that they will properly demonstrate the achievements of the winners. Running USA comprehends the importance of conferring quality awards and partners with none but the best recognition products companies for this purpose.

Spectacular and iconic creations alone can give athletes and other winners the special recognition they so rightly deserve for their hardships and efforts. It has to be distinctive and customized to match the event, theme, or spirit as much as possible.

This is why many competitions now favor card markers, key chains, bottle stoppers, belt buckles, zipper pulls, and even jewelry as a sign of the significant achievement. Even traditional trophies and medals are uniquely designed around a distinguished logo or concept that stands out for its exclusivity.

It’s a huge challenge to honor the same experience in a distinctive fashion year after year. But Running USA manages to turn every winner’s experiences into a lasting memory with a prestigious award courtesy of its association with a leading awards manufacturer.

In sum, an award is a celebration and recognition of success and should be presented as nothing short of that.

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