Pandemic — Now It Is Time to Think About Sustainability as the Only Way to Survive

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic and in this age of social distancing, it goes without saying that the shopping behaviors of consumers are changing drastically. …

The processes of automation, customization, and fast-paced delivery are coming together in order to induce a comeback of apparel manufacturing to America. Textile manufacturing and Made-in-USA garments have reemerged and are in vogue. However, not long ago, the case was quite different.

Offshore manufacturing had taken over and businesses actively chased cheaper labor options in low-wage countries around 40 years back. Today, the domestic industry is taking charge again and starting to rapidly recover. Now the real question is why we need apparel manufacturing and where do U.S. …

Sustainable fashion is the new social movement


The fashion industry is dirty. It has been ‘dirty’ for years. It pollutes our water sources, uses toxics, and dumps its waste. 10% of the global carbon footprint is from the fashion industry. …

Asia Biryna Lal

Impact-driven entrepreneur ★

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