Day 12 of 30: What food goes well with running?

We all know when it comes to post-run drinks, beer* is the go to choice for running, but what about food?

*Go to any legit race event, there will be beer tents near the finish line. If there’s no beer at the end of the race, well that’s messed up. It’s like you did all the right things and come Christmas time, Santa doesn’t even show up.

Pro Tip: Do not leave your I.D. in your car. It’s required to get free beer. I’ve seen old people get turned down.

This is what all runners think about starting about mile 2

Food is often paired with something. Burgers come with fries, popcorns go well with movies, pizza can give the ninja turtles extra lives, the list goes on. But what about running? I guess pasta but that’s because we have to consume carbs for energy. I’m not a pasta person because I’m sick of eating pasta. All I ate in college was ramen, pasta, and a way too much PB&J. I don’t get tired of tomatoes though. My roommates would look at me with their judging eyes when I eat two or three raw tomatoes on a daily basis. It’s one of my hidden talents I suppose.

You know what I think? Since running makes you fast, I think running goes well with fast-food. Get it? Hahahahaha… That’s why I am announcing Fast-Food Tuesdays. It also happens to align with Taco Tuesdays. You see I used to live in San Diego and I will admit, I’ve been spoiled with legit Mexican food back there. I miss the carne asada fries the most :( I thought about posting a picture here but I’m afraid if I start searching, I might get depressed.

To alleviate this, I went to the closest Mexican fast-food place which happened to be Del Taco. On Tuesdays, they have three tacos for $1.29. I got six of them and a chicken taco. I felt like a champ.

Rules for Fast-Food Tuesdays:

  1. It can’t be a rest day. If you didn’t run, you can’t have fast-food, period.
  2. It can’t be organic, please none of that degrading stuff. Go eat grass, that’s organic.
  3. If they try to up-sell you with more food, you have to accept. Saying “oh hell yes!” is optional but highly recommended.

Today’s workout:

  • 3 miles @ 9:23 /mi pace

Today’s reward:

Okay my photography skills need some work lol the production quality makes it look like I shot this in a jail cell lmao

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and happy running~!