If I was a superhero, I would be Glassman. My superpower would be getting injured on command.

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I was having a great day. Woke up early, got in six miles of recovery run, ate breakfast, made my french press coffee and off to work I went.

I came back and I was still in a good mood. So good that the messy person that I am decided to clean the house up. I started moving boxes, rearranging furniture, you know doing macho stuff. And then not even five minutes into it, I rolled my ankle on a pile of magazines I intended to throw away yesterday. There goes my alpha male moment. Son of a …

This also happened while I was carrying a dense box full of college textbooks that I knew I should have never brought home in the first place. Those classes kicked my ass back then, and these books are literally kicking my ass now. Luckily I didn’t suffer a fall, but my ankle is definitely not feeling good. It’s slightly swollen and it can’t support my full weight on it. I’m feeling pretty bummed out because my marathon is coming up soon, November 6th, and here I am about to have another set back. What drives me crazy is that this happened outside of training. So stupid. Sigh…

Three days passed and while it’s gotten a lot better, I still walk funny. I am religiously icing my ankle and massaging it every chance I get. I’m not sure if it’s speeding my recovery, but if I don’t do anything, I just get restless. I even had a dream where I roll the same ankle that jolted me awake.

Here’s some advise: don’t bring your college textbooks home when you graduate. Not only are they worth shit now (textbooks release new editions like rabbits giving birth), but you will never read them again. The best time to trade them in is right after you finish your finals. Make sure you pass the class though!

Number two, just keep yourself out of danger. If you are made of glass like me, you better wrap objects in your house with bubble wrap. Not being able to train really sucks but another lesson learned means another catastrophe to be avoided in the future, right?

I have to stay positive because what else can I do? Be miserable? It takes an incredible amount of heat, 1700°C to melt glass. Glassman might be brittle but he does have an extremely high tolerance to meltdowns. I will never give up. Neither should you if you are going through a setback. I’m going to rest up this week but when I come back, I know I’ll be a smarter runner. Hope everyone’s doing well and stay injury free.

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