4 Valuable Reasons to Choose PGDM

Today, management colleges have hit the buffers in terms of admissions. A number of students from varying backgrounds go for post graduate degrees in the field of management. Now the two major names related with the degree of management undoubtedly are MBA and PGDM. Both these courses, more or less, provide similar classes on business management. However, there is quite a difference between the two in the way the courses are designed.

The degree of MBA is offered by government-owned colleges. PGDM, on the other hand, provides a diploma in management and is offered by autonomous institutions. The functioning of the both the courses vary from each other and there also is a difference in terms of the areas that they focus on.

While a number of students prefer the name of MBA because of the hype that it has created over the years, my personal choice for the study of management is PGDM. Here is a list of reasons for the same.

•PGDM is time bound: MBA is offered by the universities and a change in the events of the universities may result in the change in the time tables. This change sometimes causes a delay in the scheduled completion of the course. PGDM however is run by autonomous authorities. These authorities remain unaffected by the university programs and end the course at the desired time.

•PGDM focuses on performance: MBA is a degree driven courses. It is the name of MBA which remains the highlight of the course. The handover of degree at the end of the session remains the prime aim of the officials. PGDM however works for the individual development of the students and focuses on making them eligible for the available job offers.

•PGDM is contemporary: The continuous changes in the happenings of the corporate world bring about a new set of requirements and demands in the scenario. To match the pace of these requirements, PGDM colleges include dynamic concepts in the syllabus. Some of the PGDM colleges in Delhi also offer weekend classes based on the hot topics going around in the business and economy.

•PGDM offers new specializations: While the degree of MBA offers traditional set of electives, PGDM focuses on making students well versed with the global programs. Some of the specializations that PGDM offers are Project Management, Media Management and Supply chain Management.

The bottom line is that PGDM is more dynamic in relation with the changing economy and hence, should be preferred over MBA. Go for a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Delhi to fulfill your business dreams!