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How Does Assam Pedas Sauce Make Your Food Taste Extraordinary?

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2 min readJan 5, 2022

The magic of good food lies in the method of preparation and the essence of ingredients used. Soul gratifying heavenly feeling is how you describe such pleasant food experience. Assam Pedas Sauce alleviates the taste of food manifolds. The texture, flavour and aroma trigger one’s appetite in unimaginable ways. Using AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce for your beef dishes will let you experience the awesome delights of the culinary world.

Still wondering how adding AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce can change the flavour of your food? If yes, here are two recipes for cooking beef- Using the Sauce and cooking without using the sauce.


● Beef — 500 gms

● cooking oil- ½ cup

● Shrimp Paste- 1 tbsp

● Tamarind (Asam Java)- 2 tbsp

● Tamarind Paste- 1 tbsp

● Lemongrass- 2 stems

● Kaffir Lime leaves- 3

● Okra (small size)- 5–6 pieces

● Vietnamese coriander leaves

● Blended Ingredients

● Red dried chillies- 15–20

● Onions (small size)- 3

● Garlic — 5

● Ginger (small)

● Fresh Turmeric

● Water- ½ cup

Recipe For Traditional Beef Cooking

This method takes effort and time in cooking and you might not be able to experience the remarkable taste.

● Boil beef in a glass of water until tender.

● Put oil in a pan and put the prepared paste. Cook for 4–5 minutes at a medium flame.

● Add 1 tbsp of shrimp past. Mix well.

● Add 2 tbsp of Asam Java.

● Pound and mix 2 stems of lemongrass.

● Add salt, 3 Kaffir Lime leaves, beef, a glass of water and 5–6 pieces of small-sized Okra. Mix well.

● For a sour flavour, you can add half of the ginger torch flower. (optional)

● Garnish with Vietnamese coriander leaves.

● Cover the wok. Cook for 2–3 minutes and serve.

Recipe For Cooking Beef Using AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce

This method takes a shorter duration for cooking and you relish a superb taste.

● Boil beef in a glass of water. Add 500 gms of beef.

● Add AsianMeals® Assam Pedas sauce and cook until tender.

● Add 5–6 Okra and some Vietnamese coriander leaves. Cook for 2–3 minutes and you are done. Serve and enjoy.

Why Choose AsianMeals® for Your Dishes?

Now when you have cooked using the two methods, judge for yourself how adding the sauce changes the flavour profile of your beef dish. Get AsianMeals® Assam Pedas Sauce and gain the following benefits-

● Eliminate a series of complex steps while preparing the delicacy.

● Relish good quality and tasty food prepared in minutes.

● Use only 1 packet to achieve an unbeatable taste.



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