I would like to introduce the fusion of heavy metal/ hard rock and delicious diner!

Around me, “Koenji Metal Meshi” has been buzzed as much as OZ Fest.

Yasunario, the owner and chef, loves heavy metal more than anything else, and he calls himself as a student of cooking.

Let’s look at the report!

5 minutes walk through Pal Market from South Exit at Koenji Station. Turn right at Etoile street.

Etoile Street around sunset. Koenji is one of the most well known Japanese sub-culture towns. Enjoy the walk and let’s head to “Metal Meshi”

One street away from Etoile street, You ‘ll find “Metal Meshi” with red window panes.

8 seats at the L-shaped bar.

30 minutes later, all the seats were taken. Glad I made a reservation.

Yasunario is the owner and chef.

The wall painting is not “The Last Supper” but “Last Super Burn!”

Can you tell who’s who? May be the one in the middle is Ozzie.

BABY METAL is in it.

Here comes Metal supper.

My first order was “Saba-su Bloody Saba-su”


Mackerel(saba) with tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar mix well together. It’s fun to figure out where the name comes form.

The next one is “Tomu Arayakun Yakisoba”.


The legendary band Slayer’s vocalist Tom Araya’s name is now on the fried noodle. Only at this restaurant can you find this noodle.

It was pretty much to my taste since I like Thai food. The subtle sweetness over Tom Yum Kun and the balance stimulates the appetite.

The last one is AC/DC avocado dried curry. Two young corns represent Young Brothers. I can’t hold my smile.


Avocado tastes so good with Dried curry spice! It was simple but it only took a short while to finish the whole plate at once.

With time limitation, I was only able to eat three dishes, but there are so many dishes a metal fan would go crazy about. Even if you are not a metal or hard rock fan, you can still enjoy this restaurant.

Why don’t you go to “Koenji Metal Meshi”? The cooking recipe is published from DU BOOKS. All the recipe is inspired byMetal songs. Just reading it is fun!



▪️Hours : 6:00 pm — 10:00 pm

▪️Be closed every Thursday

▪️TEL : 090–9107–4183(Reception hours : 12:00 pm — 8:00 pm)

▪️Adress : 3–49–12 Kōenjiminami, Suginami, Tōkyō, Japan

Originally published at asian-port.com on July 3, 2015.

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