Nakano Broadway

“Akihabara” has been known as the center of otaku and sub-culture. But, Nakano Broadway, close to Nakano station in Tokyo has been paid attention.

Sometimes it’s mentioned as a maze based on its structure, but the abundance of manga and anime shops are drawing a lot of shoppers. Nakano Broadway was opened as a part of Nakano North exit development project 49 years ago (1966).

Since the building was constructed about half a century ago, it has some unique retro style atmosphere. Inside the building, small shops are densely located, many of which are displaying the product in clear showcase.

Mandarake, ten of whose branches are spread all over Japan, is one of the major attraction in Nakano Broadway.

The products vary from manga, anime, autographs of cartoonists and voice actors, toy, figure, cos-play, and games.(There are also vintage stores, clinics and restaurants.)

What’s cool about Nakano Broadway is that you get to check out these variety all in one building. I would like to introduce “Taco Ché “ located in Nakano Broadway for next article.

Nakano Broadway Official website(Shops info / Access)

Originally published at on August 3, 2015.

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