We Ran, So They Don’t Have To.

On 15 July 2017, the Asia P3 Hub Team, together with World Vision colleagues and friends, participated in World Vision Singapore’s Race for Relief held at the Singapore Sports Hub.

“A combination of drought and conflict brews a dangerous recipe for hunger crisis that leaves more than 20 million in East Africa in a fragile balance between life and death.

Pushed to the brink of starvation, families are running to seek food, water, and shelter. Race For Relief allows you to run so that they don’t have to anymore. Proceeds of this family-friendly run will help to bring emergency humanitarian relief and meet the health, food, protection, water and sanitation needs of the most vulnerable children and families.” (website)

There are three teams to run for:

Drought relief provides children and families with access to clean and safe drinking water; Hunger relief provides them with access to food, and; War relief provides them with access to safe shelter and protection.

With Water (plus sanitation and hygiene) as Asia P3 Hub’s initial focus area to pilot our working model, we supported the Drought relief team.

Participants got to choose to bump up the challenge by carrying relief items (which weighed up to 5kg) based on the team they chose to be on: jerry cans for drought, a sack of potatoes for hunger, and a gunny sack for war.

Photo: World Vision Singapore Facebook
Photo: World Vision Singapore Facebook
Photo: World Vision Singapore Facebook

Not only was it a challenge, but it became a sneak preview of how lives in East Africa (or even in other parts of the world) have been affected by the crisis.

Photo: World Vision Singapore Facebook

“We hope to raise awareness of the worse humanitarian crisis since World War II and for the public to respond with compassion to help save the lives of vulnerable children and families.”, says Ms Foo Pek Hong, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Singapore.

For more information on World Vision Singapore, please visit their website.