Why are BTS in Norway?

Are BTS off arranging something new only days after wrapping up “Fire” promos?

As discussed by a few fan accounts, the Bangtan Boys were seen in Norway, evidently being taped by cameramen while they were playing tourist.

A photograph of the young men in Europe surfaced on Instagram, yet so far pictures and recordings have been rare as evidently the boyband’s management did not permit fans to snap photographs of BTS.

It has not yet been affirmed why precisely BTS came to Norway or what they were recording for, however fans guessed that the BigHit Entertainment gathering may be shooting for another reality show.

This gossip was further powered when a fan account uncovered that the maker of “One Fine Day” purportedly joined BTS in Norway.

Different fans trust that BTS could film another “Now” DVD or even perhaps another music video, while some feel that the young men just went to Norway for a well deserved break.

Be that as it may, BTS’s V was perceptibly truant from the photographs taken by fans and was seen in Seoul around the same time with dear companion and performer Park Bo Gum.

This prompted theory that he may have been not able join his kindred because of a clash of calendars as the artist is as of now recording for the up and coming dramatization, “Hwarang: The Beginning.”

Some BTS fans additionally spotted Rap Monster, whose name is Kim Nam Joon, with another hair colour change.

Well it would appear that the young men truly went to Norway for a getaway rather than work this time. In any case, ARMYs keep on speculating that there might have been different purposes behind the excursion as BTS has been known to shock fans with new recordings and content.

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