Virgo Full Moon 2017

In love we have our blind spots
In fear we avoid our realities

In love we sacrifice 
In fear we manifest loss

In truth we know our lies
In lies we show our truth

Polarized Perception

We perceive proof with our eyes
Our eyes reveal proof

Intricate self detail, questioning every blur

Our fantasy fades as the aperture adjusts to free will

The details of our worries sharpen into a creative capture

An axis of service and selflessness

An axis of duty and imagination

We hide our transparent hearts behind discerning eyes never fooling the wise 
Who knows it's OK to dream.

May our daydreams be detailed 
May our manifestations ground into reality
May our visions crystallize in our favor 
May all uncertainty be precisely clarified

Dream Love In Detail.


Image and Ritual Creative Direction by Divine Artist/ Spiritual Channel Jeri Hilt