The Open Secret

what’s the secret to life?

** please listen to <Khruangbin — Cómo Me Quieres> while tuning in **

  • how is it possible to flow thru your whole life, not planning much more than one week in advance (besides for a few key dates, of course)? what types of commitments do you make? how do you make a living?

wait what do you do again for a living?


  • sometimes i feel like i’m living this open secret ~ the secret of presence and an open-ended future that is opening up in front of my eyes in ways i could have never have dreamed possible.
  • but i’m confused why i feel unable to articulate this to my friends & family. because this “open secret” of living “in the moment” is available to them too —

don’t they feel the joy of serendipitous happenings?


  • of course they have experienced living in the moment before, but routines and habits take up time and space. i feel like when humans “open-ended” travel — to new cities, countries, realms — they get inklings into the magic of the moment aka the oddly synchronistic nature of their trip. i mean come on, how about when i ended up stopping randomly in that cafe, started chatting w the woman next to me in line who told me to go to those hot springs, which i went to and met someone there with this book recommendation written by my next door neighbor! talk about coincidence. or even better. . .

when some unexpected human seems to give me the next clue i need . . . to win the game of life?


  • hm could i have similar experiences at home? in SF? what if i tried to use that same methodology for my own world, right here, right now? take a leap of faith into an unknown future (quit a job, let go of a relationship, move to a new city) with no plans in mind. none. ok not changing all at once ~ slow & steady, patient & healthy transformation
  • what’s the worst that could happen? you run out of money? get your ass a job then. but i have a feeling your ass will have found one long before that happens. & even if this new “job” doesn’t pay ALL the BILLS — it still feels so right and so creative and so fun you are willing to spend your time doing it anyways. & when you are in this new line of work, you continually meet people who show you how gifted you are, just as you are!

nothing really needed to change inside me anyways. what needed to change was the types of experiences I felt I deserve to have.


  • just be OPEN to ALL POSSIBILITIES, because face it, what control over the future do you have anyways?! unless you are also a future-teller & in which case let’s connect. . .

i have some more open secrets to tell you :)