Quantum computing is based on how nature is connected, created and experienced, it is beautiful how we, from a hanging vertical computer at around 15 millikelvins, can mimic the most fundamental principles of the reality. I wanted to give a small artistic and natural turn to represent how the circuits…

I am now part of the Oculus Launchpad 2018, a program Oculus runs yearly to help selected creators to launch their content to the Oculus ecosystem, they provide first-league mentors, funding and a new ecosystem of creators to collaborate with.

Is interesting that they are not limiting creators to launch…

Medium has auto-tagged me as “Top writer in VR”, which is great cause I focus in very different stories, but it seems that all the VR related stories are performing much better than other topics I write about, like Blockchain or AI.

The best ones have been, the Oculus Go article comparing it with the Nintendo Switch, the Mario Kart VR, and the second article speaking about the application to the Casey Neistat job position.

So seeing this, and that I will be part of the Oculus Launchpad 2018, it is clear where my focus is going to be laser-focused the next months.

VR, here we go again!

Asier Arranz

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