AI & VR talent is migrating to Blockchain

Have you already added #Blockchain or #Crypto to your Twitter description? I use a tool that monitors the descriptions of my Twitter network, and it is confirming what I thought. We are suffering a high migration from different emerging technologies (like AI, ML, VR, AR) to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies related technologies.

Almost each day a contact adds #Blockchain or #Crypto to his/her Twitter description, I already did it, yes, and before blockchain I was very interested in Virtual Reality and Machine Learning, but after some personal experiences related with crypto, I saw clearly that at least until 2020 this could be the field to be focused on.

So why I chose crypto as my main topic? Well… I like the feelings VR can cause, and the potential of the AR, but still we need to wear a big VR headset and hold an awful smartphone in the hand. Hopefully, while I’m starting some crypto projects, companies like Magic Leap or Apple can reduce the size of VR headsets, so when I rejoin in the future, the experience for developing projects should be more awesome.

I’m pretty sure that this migration is causing a slightly reduction on the AI progression, but also I think that any AI initiatives related with the Blockchain are going to be speeded up. So things like a kind of decentralised neural network could emerge, maybe not a neural network based on blockchain nodes, but something like having a decentralised weights database based on the training performed by the peers.

In the meantime… Let’s collect some tokens!