The crypto-community with useful crypto-tools!

Asier Arranz
Mar 18, 2018 · 2 min read

So as I commented in the previous post, I created a bot that gave me some guidelines about what is happening in the cryptocurrencies market to save me time making decisions on where to invest.

After that I spoke with two good friends to launch as a serious project, Julio, a techie like me, with some magical skills, he knows how to grow things in the best alternative way. And Dani, who comes from the VR community, he can transform ideas into graphics in a few seconds, he also designed the initial logo and its graphic identity. now is a crypto-community, very focused on encouraging the community help each other, and we have some cool tools that can help members to increase their gains. We are giving for free the Trends AI bots I spoke about in the past article, and the AutoCrypto!

The AutoCrypto

The AutoCrypto is a miner that mines the cryptocurrencies voted by the community. It switches automatically each few hours from one coin to another, it is focused on low marketcap coins, that could grow x10 or x100 in the future (aka: gems). So you only need to run the software in your computer and you will mine always the best coin voted by the community. This is a coming soon for the next weeks.

The coin raffles

Yes, we are raffling coins (more than $300 per month!) to the active members of the community, we have created a ticketing system that gives you a ticket per post, reply, comment, etc. The goal is to encourage people to participate actively in the community.

Coin listings

We are listing coins in our directory that are not present in Coinmarketcap, that happened for the first time with the Litecoin Fork, Litecoin Cash, after some conversations with the Litecoin Cash founders, we listed the coin and we accepted them as payment for the Beluga AI bots. Now is an official partner of Litecoin Cash in their webpage.

And basically, helping the community to grow…

This crypto-world is very symbiotic, we like help others, we really think that in this ecosystem, the nodes that are not willing to help disappear by themselves, so we are going to push hard to take care of the crypto-community, to take care of you ❤️.

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