Get to Know Jetson Orin from NVIDIA Ecosystem Partners at Embedded World

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More than 35 Jetson Ecosystem partners are exhibiting their latest embedded solutions using the NVIDIA Jetson Orin at Embedded World, taking place this week in Nuremberg, Germany (March 14–16, 2023).

Many of these partners will be providing live demonstrations during the show using the Jetson Orin family of modules. These Jetson ecosystem partners collaborate with NVIDIA to provide end-to-end solutions using hardware, software, cameras, connectivity and other technologies supporting the latest in robotics and edge AI innovations. The diagram below depicts how the categories of partner ecosystem offerings are combined to create integrated solutions.

Diagram showing the many ways that Jetson ecosystem partners collaborate with NVIDIA.
Jetson ecosystem partners collaborate with NVIDIA to develop new solutions using hardware, software, cameras, connectivity and other technologies.

The Jetson partners are instrumental in decreasing the time required to develop a complete AI solution on the Jetson platform. A collaborative ecosystem has been fostered, where partners with different knowledge and abilities work alongside each other not only for their individual Jetson customers but also with other partners, collaborating to develop Edge AI solutions. The demos from our system builders, sensor partners, along with our Metropolis partners at Embedded World include:

  • AAEON: video showcase of TriFork airport baggage tracking using Boxer-8652 powered by Jetson Orin NX.
  • Aetina: video showcase of CVEDIA security traffic, parking management and Allxon’s remote device management solution using Jetson Orin series products.
  • Arrow Electronics: Multiple camera streams process in real time on Auvidea’s new L20 Orin NX 16GB embedded system with advanced vision AI models.
  • Avermedia: live demonstration of IronYun’s objectives tracking running on D315 built with Jetson AGX Orin.
  • Connect Tech: “BIRDS EYE” image stitching with Connect Tech’s Forge Carrier powered by Jetson AGX Orin and using e-con System’s 360° bird eye view camera, a synchronized multi-camera solution that provides a 360-degree field of view.
  • Seeed Studio: New reComputer industrial series and edge AI demos of retail and intelligent traffic management solutions from Lumeo and CVEDIA running on reComputer J4012, powered by Jetson Orin NX.
  • Silicon Highway: Rebotnix Eye-Q Camera connects to Jetson AGX Orin for capturing persons, license plates, or any other objects. Additionally, AI-BLOX’s device interacts with a conveyer belt to showcase object detection, quality inspection, and integration with industrial machinery.
  • SmartCow: featuring Ultron compatible with Jetson Orin™ NX, is an AI-enabled controller with sensor fusion capabilities that empowers industrial applications of vision AI at the edge.

Other NVIDIA partners demoing Jetson related solutions include: Adlink, Advantech, AI-Blox, Allied Vision, Appropho, Axiomtek, Diamond Systems, ELMA, Everfocus, Forecr, Geniatech, Infineon, LIPS, Nota AI, Neousys, OKdo, Silex, Teledyne, Telit, The Imaging Source, Vecow, and Vision Components, to name a few.

Additionally, there will be several panel discussions during the event from industry leaders, including:

  • Building blocks for next-generation AI-powered applications and industrial robots — an OSM Panel with NVIDIA, ConnectTech, Basler, and OpenZeka (March 14 @ 4 pm CET — Stand 1–500)
  • Accelerating AI at the Edge: Go-to-marketing solutions with NVIDIA and AAEON (March 14 at 5 pm CET — Hall 2, 2–510)
  • re-CONNECT Forum with NVIDIA and Connect Tech (March 15 @ 3:25 pm CET — Forum Munchen)
  • Azure-enabled Edge AI with NVIDIA — a panel with NVIDIA and Microsoft (March 16, at 10:30 am CET — Hall 3)

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