How I applied to the Casey Neistat’s job position using Roblox and VR

The famous youtuber Casey Neistat has opened a position in his new 368 Studio called “Head of Gaming”, this week he has said that they have received more than 8000 applications. So it is going to be difficult even been seen by them. That was predictable, so I have created 2 projects as job applications that could have enough impact to at least to be seen.

The Roblox job application experiment

The job position is the Head of Gaming, so, again, I wanted to create something that involves some kind of gaming.

Casey has been flying one of the first “flying cars”, made by Kitty Hawk, a company backed by Larry Page, founder of Google, I love these manned drones, so I have made a simulator repeating each one of the frames in the video he published, I started using Unity, but a friend has recommend me trying Roblox, so I gave it a try, it took me three days from zero to this:

The first day with Roblox was a bit hard, becoming familiar with the differences it has with Unity takes some time, but it started becoming fun after the first 2–3 hours of trying things.

I wanted to develop a truly realistic drone simulator, so I coded the physics by myself, basically applying some sines and cosines to vectors using CFrames. Roblox has a set of land vehicles already scripted, but doing something form scratch sounded like a great challenge.

Why Roblox?

Why I have chosen Roblox? Well I like to try different tools that could be useful for other projects, it is very different to my well-known Unity. It has pre-coded physics for collisions and buoyancy, materials, multiplayer support, and millions of users!

It is a growing company, where the age of the average user is growing fast. Remember that Minecraft was targeted for a similar audience and it was acquired for $2.5 billions by Microsoft, something similar could happen soon here, but in this case could be bigger, cause the internal marketplace with the virtual coin Robux is very active.

The previous experiment

Past week I have created the first VR Mario Kart driving a vehicle in the real world, it has had a nice impact :-) Below you have the video, and here you have the article speaking about the making-of.

This previous project is still reaching a decent virality on Twitter and Reddit, but this week I wanted to make something new as a second episode for the application, that’s why I’ve developed this Roblox Flight Sim.

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And with this second job application experiment I have finished my application experimental projects, I hope at least Casey Neistat have seen them and give me a ping. I’ll keep you updated!

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