Teaching Quantum Computing with Games in a Business School

I usually teach to business students different times during the year, and I like to innovate and create new learning experiences to reduce the technology fear they usually have, I say fear cause they usually aren’t aware how easy is to create awesome things in few minutes, and the goal of my classes is creating more creators.

Some of the experiments I have made before are the IE Token, using a bot to collect the deliverables from the students, analyzing the deliverables using AI, and using my Mario Kart experience to teach the difference between 3DOF and 6DOF.

This time I wanted to do some that involves some gameplay, I know that including some games in classes is very useful to increase the engagement of the whole course (and this is valid for kids and adults!), so I used the Roblox platform to create a classroom experience.

It took me like 1 hour of my time, I used a predefined city with working cars, and I added a 3D modeled IE classroom in the second floor of one of the buildings, after that I coded in the server side the required code to make a kind of Roblox Powerpoint, where I can move thru the slides by clicking on them.

The result was funny, and the students enjoyed the experience while learned how easy is to create contents, I know that some of them are thinking now about doing branded games for their potential clients using the Roblox platform.