Your data will pay the universal basic income

Asier Arranz
Mar 21, 2018 · 2 min read

As we are evolving in the automation and Artificial Intelligence age, we are realising that the retirement plans are not sustainable, young people each time have a harder time to find a decent job, and seniors are being retired earlier. This, linked to a longer life expectancy, makes the current retirement system 100% unsustainable.

The earlier governments take actions related to a universal basic income, the better, and it is going to be more an educational challenge than a political one, we need to learn to accept a different model, and the average human doesn’t like changes related with the income.

If we were receiving a basic income, where should it come from? How can we generate that value by only being alive?

Data. Information has been always the currency of the universe.

I see a future basic income model as a kind of basic income received merely by existing, that allows to have food, living place, transport and entertainment. Also you are going to have different options to upgrade your “UBI package”, by exchanging your data to receive better packages, or by working in tasks that humans will still perform better and cheaper than machines.

I hope that this model brings again the recovery of the small towns, because this is another problem we are starting to have, the accumulation of humans in big cities due to the lack of work in the field. So if everything goes well we could imagine ourselves living in a decent house in a small town surrounded by some farm animals, but with the services of a city, and an universal basic income that allow us to travel around the world, and… outside of it :-)

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