Asif Habib: A Legend in The Business World

Asif Habib is a successful business magnate with over 30 years of experience in real estate development. He is an astute and shrewd businessman and has the technical finesse in carrying out the business operations smoothly. He is a name to reckon within the business world. With his vision, technical prowess and deftness he has been able to transform dwindling businesses into profitable ventures. He has lent his expertise in many high-flying projects of UAE Europe, and Canada. For his business acumen and skill, he has been able to secure an eminent position as board member in many high-profile organizations.

Asif Habib is also a reputed board member and major share holder in many organizations such as Mini Monsters, Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co, Horizon Islands Ltd, Madisons Capital Partners, etc.

Some of the real estate projects of the Glorei, Global Omani Development & Investment Co. are Grand Millennium, Muscat; Al Khuwair Building Maktabi Al Khuwair, Maktabi Al Watiyah, etc. He is also a significant share holder of Mini Monsters, which is a soft play area for young children. This place is popular as children’s play area and often used for hosting birthday parties.

Asif Habib has taken initiatives to boost the revenue of Al Ghazal Golf Club, which is a venture of Madisons Capital Partners. With his strategic plans he is able to increase the revenue by more than 90%, and turned it into a profit generating venture. With his earnest efforts the international restaurant of Mulligans and Madang, Korean restaurant has been set up.

He is a significant shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of the boutique resort in Dubai, “Ireland in the Sun.” He is also the major shareholder and owns about 20,000 of land of SPV holding in RAK, UAE.

Being the board advisor to the CNRCI Ltd & Neuroceutics project, he supports Dr. Andree Roberge in commercializing the technology of blood sample analysis. This progressive technology can be used to diagnose about 1200 pathologies at the Nano Technology level. The worth of this project is about USD 1.2 Million and is scheduled to be launched in 2017, in first quarter. Related to this project the distribution agreements are signed with the countries of Middle East, Europe, Iran, North Africa and India.