Preparation for CSS Exams

Goal is the target a person reaches after travelling the journey of hardships, calamities and other challenges. It is a universal reality that journey to a golden goal is adorned with thorns. It has been my ambition and earliest desire to be a CSP officer. I just joined engineering to secure my future as a second option. After joining engineering, I wanted to start the preparation for CSS exams but I couldn’t start. My goal is clear and onboard, “Preparation for CSS Exams”.

I wanted to achieve this goal as my engineering degree is going to complete in 2017 and I want to appear in CSS 2018. It is often said that how much prepared you are but your preparation for CSS is always at zero. Actually, I wanted to prepare myself for the CSS exams in a better way but unfortunately I couldn’t act upon my plan earlier.

There are many reasons and challenges due which I couldn’t act upon my plan. As I am the eldest one in my family. I have the responsibility to run my family as my father died in May 2016. I have to travel to my hometown every weekend. Poor time management is also one of causes which did not allow me to start my preparation. Spending too much time on social media like Facebook and whatsapp has also been my weaknesses.

Following three tasks are the initial spark to achieve the above said goal;

1. Study DAWN Newspaper for proficiency in English and for the Development of vocabulary

2. Preparation of compulsory subjects

3. Subjects selection for optional subjects

After describing the tasks to be performed, I started working on the first task. I tried my level best to manage my timetable. I also started working on the second task as it is related to compulsory subjects. The experience to carry out these tasks is quite hectic as I have sacrificed my weekends and I have also reduced my time for social media like Facebook and whatsapp.

I learnt a lot from this experience as it was very important task to be performed earlier which I could start now after learning about proper time management. I have sacrificed my extra activities to achieve my real goal which dictates the truth of the following statement;

“You have to lose something to acquire something.”

I shall keep on working on the first two tasks till the end of my degree. After completing my degree in 2017, I shall start working on optional subjects after choosing them with great discernment.