Why I Still Use Vim
Casper Beyer

I’m confused. In my machine, the VS code experience is much more pleasant.

60MB XML file: opens in 5 seconds and moving the cursor to the end of the file is instantaneous (so, 5 seconds total for the whole thing, not 20 seconds); memory needed is 150MB (not 392MB); replacing 100,000 instances of a word takes 1–2 seconds (not 80 seconds).

I’ve experienced freezing a few times, but it’s extremely rare. And when it happened it was usually due to some extension.

Tested on:
Code 1.14.2; Shell 1.6.6; Node 7.4
Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
16GB/Intel Core i7–6600U

Could anyone explain why the author’s numbers are so different?

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