Turtuk, nubra valley leh “xplore”
Explore Turtuk: Turtuk is one of those unique and far flung villages of Leh that still has the raw beauty and grandeur to mesmerize any one from east to west. Opened recently to tourism and has yet to meet its full potential. Turtuk remains the first choice for all those travelers who want to stay in a place where one gets disconnected with the outside world but the serene beauty of the Turtuk does not make you to realize that because you develop that connection.Present day Turtuk has two parts Youl and Farool. Youl is the old settlement with intricate and narrow alleys of some very old structures still present. Farool was developed later is more open and most of the home stays and guest houses are present there. In between youl and farool flows the Turtuk river which joins Shayok river. Over which is the iconic majestic Turtuk wodden bridge connecting Youl nad Farool.
spring time when apricot is in full blossom
Turtuk was the centre of greater Ladakh (Gilgit Baltistan-Skardu-Khapulu-leh Kargil) which was once connected.with Ladakh as greater Ladakh whole of the area from leh to skardu baltistan to central Asia was very well connected.
The weather in Turtuk is always pleasant with averages around 20°C (85°F). The weather is not similar all year long. Turtuk has all four seasons to experience and since it is much lower in altitude than Ladakh the tourist season here starts early than rest of Ladakh.
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