How Bachelorhood Shaped the Founding of America
John McDermott

Great history facts. Loved it. This kind of posts keep me tuned to medium.

I live in Bangladesh (South Asia). Unlike west, grown up bachelor men usually live with their families unless they are forced by external factors such as education or job. And when they do, bachelor men without families experience same expediency here.

There are not enough Hostel, private or government funded, for them, House owners are unwilling to rent rooms because other families living in their apartments don’t want to live beside bachelor men. Thus they had to rent room in substandard living areas even if they have the ability to afford better accommodation. Even law enforcement agencies treat them skeptically. Whenever state declares war against drug use or terrorism they become the major target even there is no data supporting “Bachelor without family” involve in dug use or terrorism more than “:”Bachelors without family”. Though they don’t have to pay taxes, their life is not bed of roses either.

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