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Majestic Words! But is there anything as historical novels?

Majestic words, incredible narrative flow. My heart filled with warm blood after reading this.

The subject is like those unsolved philosophical mysteries that are so appealing that we cannot keep ourselves away from conversing on it. 
Should we grant historical novelist the freedom to detour from facts?
I think the real question is “Should we even use the term “Historical Novels”?

There is an interesting concept in the movie “Before Sunset” where a journalist asks Jesse (Male lead) about his book -
“Do you consider the book to be autobiographical?”

And in reply Jesse answers -
“Well, I mean. .. isn’t everything autobiographical?”

I believe it is, and I also believe to some extent everything is historical. I mean, when a novelist designs his character, he uses fragments of existential elements from people she has met or observed. Philosophers like Aquinas, Furlong or Hume thought that imagination is just decaying representation of past images. In this context, every novelist represents someone from the past, from her experience, from her very own history.

Like “Historical Novels”, if we decide to say so, novels contain place, people and environment. There is no difference unless we are sealing one kind of novel associated with history thereby creating a separator. 
Historical or not these are novels, that reveals the inner torment of characters.

If it has any difference with other novels, then it is in its richness, in its setting and in its promising possibility of turning into something great. 
However, I am looking forward to reading next installments of this artistic lectures. I hope it will provide more insight into this literature mystery.