How To Enable And Use GBoard’s Clipboard Manager

Asif K
Asif K
May 1, 2019 · 3 min read

Clipboard managing apps like Clip Stack have been a time-saving tool for tons of people who prefer copy-pasting the same text rather than having to type the entire thing over and over again. But now Clipboard managing has gotten a lot more native and easier to use as it has been baked right into Google’s own keyboard, GBoard, which comes pre-installed on most Android devices nowadays.

Note: Clipboard is available Gboard v7.7 and above.

Enabling Clipboard

This feature is very easy to enable and doesn’t require you to poke your nose in the app settings. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Step one: Tap on the 3-dot-menu you see in the suggestion strip.

If you don’t see the 3-dot-menu, just tap on the Google icon on the top left of the keyboard, to reveal the 3-dot-menu in the suggestion strip.

Step 2: If you’re planning to use Clipboard without second thoughts, simply drag its (Clipboard’s) icon towards the suggestion strip (where the 3-dot-menu is located) so that the next time you wanna use it, you don’t have to tap on the 3-dot-menu again.

If not, you can ignore this step.

Step 3: Tap on the clipboard icon and then tap on “Turn on Clipboard”.

Using Clipboard

Using the Clipboard is fairly simple. To begin with, you only need to know about its 3 main functions: Paste, Pin, and Trash. I’ll go in brief with each of them.

Note: You can access these functions by holding the copied text, although only tapping on the text will paste it.


As the name implies, tapping on this icon will paste the text wherever the cursor is.


Every copied text remains in the clipboard for an hour but, if want it to stay there forever, you can “Pin” the text and in that way, it won’t disappear even after an hour.


Tapping on this icon will permanently delete the copied text.

Turn off/on the Clipboard by tapping on the toggle.

Tapping on the pencil icon next to the toggle lets you edit multiple texts at once.

I hope you liked this brief tutorial about GBoard’s Clipboard Manager. If you did, tap on the 👏 icon to show your support.

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