The 3 Pillars of Modern Society

Inspired by Dr. Abdul Wahab Suri’s lectures

Modern society is led by three archetypes; three kinds of people that lead society into the future.

The Artists (Aestheticians)

The spearhead of the modern society is the artist. The artist’s job is to dream. Stretch imagination. Explore freedoms. These dreams are shared with society. You and I and almost everyone dreams. Some dream of being photographers, some dream of being CEOs, some dream of buying a house by a beach, and some dream of moving to a different city in a big villa. These are dreams that are showed to us. Through a constant stream of stimuli, ever since we are kids these dreams are systemically installed. Not only that, there are industries in place to ensure that these dreams are met. Colleges and universities are built to teach men and women the discipline and skill of the market. Media schools, business schools whatever your need, society has a solution. Industries built so you can be on your way to that dream career or house.

First world countries that are truly modern have realised the importance of artists and their dreams. There is immense demand and premium placed on dreams. The third world is still a work in progress. People in the third world still place emphasis on selling tangibles, but we’re on our way.

The Managers

Once the artist has been successful in giving you a dream, in comes the manager. The manager follows the artist in spearheading modern society. Where the artist’s work was freedom, the manager’s work is discipline. The manager will tell you, all your dreams can come true, if only you excel in the market. The key here is discipline of work and discipline of capital. Society will fulfill dreams, but not everyone’s. Those that are the fittest in the market will get to their dreams quicker. Efficiency and effectiveness reign supreme here. Work and realise your dreams!

The Therapists

Since all human beings are different with different orientations and different capacities for work, there are some that are unfit for the market. They are often thrown out of the market and find themselves being outcasts. The misfits. The vagabonds.

In comes the third pillar of modern society, the therapist. For people that are unable to cope with the demands of the market, the therapists are busy in rehabilitation. Personal power. Unleash the giant. The secret. Self help. Coaching. Transformation specialists. Depending on the degree of your inability to survive in the market, the therapists will provide you a relative solution. Fix your schedule. Get enough exercise. Model people who do it well. If Adam can do it, so can you.

The artists, the managers and the therapists. Working tirelessly. Everyday.

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