iOS Development using Mac in VM

For a long time the only way you could practise iOS development was to buy a Mac machine. This was required as Xcode and iOS SDK required Mac to build.

A simple workaround was to run Mac in a virtual machine on your existing PC. There are many tutorials for running Mac on VM but can you run Xcode on it?

How to Run macOS on Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine

Other articles shown on Lifehacker and Instructables need you to setup the Virtual Machine your self while this articles provides you direct link to the VM files(.VMDK). This makes it easier to setup and get started.

I did the testing for you. I have a Intel Core i5 7400 with 8GB of Ram. This configuration worked absolutely well with Mac OS as the latest Mac machines also use Intel processors. Other processor or hardware might have different results.

I copied the Xcode from my office and tried building my app.

In my testing I could easily build my app and even quickly edit storyboard which contained around 40 view controllers.

Running Iphone SE simulator
Running sample playground code


If you have one of the latest machines with enough Ram then you should be able to not only run Mac OS in Virtual Machine but also use it for development.