Asif Sharif
Jan 21 · 2 min read

React Native CRUD list using Firebase Real time Database

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Store and sync data with our NoSQL cloud database. Data is synced across all clients in realtime, and remains available when your app goes offline.

I am using firebase real time database to perform CRUD on a simple list, the data is automatically sync across multiple devices and platform

Start using by cloning the repo,

Please note you need to define firebase config in .firebase.config or in the App.js in below format.[ if defined in App.js do not export Config, just directly use it]

data format is below

cd rn-firebase

npm install

expo start

Below are code for add/ update/ delete / read operations.

Read data from firebase

Add item

Update item

Delete item

React Native Paper Dialog

React Native Paper Snackbar

For other sample code see below link