My Boot Camp Experience: Day 3

The main task for day 3 is out of my comfort zone therefore it required more work than the tasks of the previous two days. I almost started work immediately I finished my day two tasks. As is custom with my teammates, we discussed the task to make sure that we all understood what the task required of us before we actually broke off for the day or night. During the discussion, a lot of interesting stuff came up including command line parsers. I spent the whole night learning about APIs, how python handles them and REST. I took an intermediate codeacademy python course on APIs and REST. I also reviewed documentation on the requests module in python. My sincere gratitude to the writers of the module it makes the whole process of handling APIs easier in python. Finally I combed the web for public APIs I could practice with. The practice was the fun bit I even almost forgot to go to bed. At 5 am, I was just entering bed.

I also made some research on commandline parsers for python; there was docopt, click, argparse and a few others. I am planning to improve my output for the task by incorporating docopt. However, that will be for another day because now I have to run and find a teammate to help explain, “Positioning using CSS” for the day four task. The other bit to learn about and implement in the near future is TDD with external sources so that I can be able to write tests for this task.

Today’s blockers include feeling sleepy for the greater part of the day. Having been home for three straight days am starting to get lonely. I cannot wait for the end of week. Once again, my team has been awesome; I cannot wait to meet them all next week physically at boot camp. I pray we all make it there.

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