Bathroom Hand Towels Turkey | Asil Nakis

Bathrobe, a very convenient and comfortable swathe piece you can use instead of a towel after bath . It will wrap you around, absorb excess water and give you a dry and soft feel after bath and showering. As bathrobes are made from towelling and other absorbant textile, it is most convenient and usable in rainy and soggy seasons, as it is the most suitable cloth for drying your body when it is wet.
 You can also use bathrobe as an informal garment, in house.
 In markets, bathrobes are available in several styles and different textile materials to consumers. Bathrobes are made of different fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Microfibre and Wool, you can choose from them according to season or your choice.
 Bathrobes are also available in varied shape of weave like
 Flannel- It is a woven fabric of loose spun yarn of cotton or wool .
 Terry- It is woven of cotton and with uncutloops on both sides, it isa pile fabric and more absorbant.
 Velour- This shape is liked by most consumers as it gives more luxurious look, coziness and softer feel. It is made from terry inside with cut loops.
 Waffle- It has distinctive “gridlike” appearance and such type of fabric has good water absorbency. such types of bathrobes are loose and light weight. It comes in silk, cotton, velour and in other fabrics.