No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams.

Great article, I actually put some pieces of this on our studio wall.

Regarding dickheads, I have an interesting perspective, just a thought of an ideal case, read below, a right kind of Dickhead.

The right kind of Dickheads are important. They drive innovation for their own desire more than anyone else following a group thought. They cultivate competition and creat excellence in their selfish path to success, making everyone around them feel inferior and push them all beyond their limits.

They put their emotion first and try to attach logic to it later, but normality is to follow math and not heart. Not all great things have come out of math, maybe sometimes they know why they do what they do but just can’t voice it in a “mathematical" way. Reason being, not all dickheads are manipulative. If they can’t answer the question they are honest enough to say “don’t ask me why” but will never try to manipulate people around them.

Dickheads are insensitive to office politics, they are insensitive to personal relationships, all of this helps them keep their work and goals at their utmost priority. Their decisions are unbiased by any other human intervention except for their own self. They are sometimes introverts, sometimes not, but underlying brilliance of these dickheads is far more superior than any “people’s” person.

Dickheads might end up being great parents, their kids might not love them for who they are but wold definitely respect them for what they always did.

So a dickhead + right kind of ambitions = success stories

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