The Feeling-Realization of Enlightenment

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Dear reader,

We believe that the main reason why we experience internal suffering in our daily lives is because of the situations, circumstances, and people that we encounter.

However, if we were to dig a little deeper, we will find that there is something within us that reacts to situations in our lives and in turn creates this internal suffering.

What is this something in us that blames, criticizes, accuses, compares, and gets angry at situations, circumstances, and people in our lives?

What is it that is the root cause of our internal suffering?

Enlightenment is not something that we achieve, it is the absence of something. — Charlotte Joko Beck

This ‘something’ is the ego, the false self which is made up of all the stored mental-emotional patterns in our psyche.

In the course of our lives, due to the lack of awareness, thoughts, and emotions get stored in our psyche, clouding our minds.

As a result of this, we view the world through the veil of these thoughts and emotions. Grouped together, they form mental-emotional patterns and form the basis of our personalities (ego).

When we encounter certain situations whose frequency matches with the stored patterns in our psyche, they get activated.

It is then that we experience feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, and other forms of negative thoughts and emotions.

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The same is also true when it comes to positive thoughts and emotions.

Since mental-emotional patterns of a positive nature have a higher frequency in comparison to negative ones, we get attached to them.

We start to believe that if somehow we can experience more of those events that bring out positive thoughts and emotions within us, we will live our lives happily, that we will be fulfilled.

When we are living through our ego, completely identified with the thought process of our minds, this belief is what causes our internal suffering.

Enlightenment is the end of suffering. — Buddha

So, how can we end this suffering? How can we stop oscillating between positive and negative emotions? How can we free ourselves from being at the mercy of the situations and circumstances of our life?

The first step towards freeing ourselves from this internal suffering, from the grip of our ego is to become aware of these mental-emotional patterns operating inside of our psyche.

We need to notice whenever these patterns get triggered.

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The practice of meditation helps in this noticing.

When we start to sit and dedicated a certain portion of our day towards witnessing our thoughts, we become aware of our continuous stream of mental activity.

We notice how our mind, burdened with the stored patterns, continuously judges, labels and compares situations and circumstances of our life.

Over time this awareness will filter into our daily lives, and we will be able to catch our mental-emotional patterns before they take over us completely.

In this way, these patterns will start losing their grip on our psyche.

Eventually, we will start to experience our lives without the intrusion of our mental activity.

As our mental-emotional patterns begin to break down, we will start to disidentify from the ego. This dis-identification will result in a significant reduction in our internal suffering as we stop believing in every thought that our minds churn out about our life.

We will experience life in its purest form, without the mind judging, labeling, or commenting on it.

This absence of the ego, this lessening of our internal suffering is the feeling-realization of enlightenment.

Thanks for reading :)

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