Team Jupiter

Jupiter, not only the name of the largest planet in our Solar System but also the name of our team. What makes Jupiter standout is that it is so large that its gravity forms like a mini solar system of its own with its moons, just like how Team Jupiter does. As you can tell I am really fascinated with Astrology but enough with the Jupiter and Team Jupiter comparisons. Now let's probe deeper into Team Jupiter. Team Jupiter consists of Dennis — the LFA, Bolton, Hesbon, Kelvin, Martin and Scott and I.

Sent by the heavens to tease my name, I present to you, Hesbon. A tall slender guy with his spectacles always on. I have interacted with him the most on the team because I knew him even before the bootcamp. Most of the team I am seated next to him in the team. He is one of those guys who always gets my sense of humor. He is also the guy you go to first when you are experiencing a blocker in the team as he always online on our slack channel and ready to help. He also likes movies especially Marvel movies, actually obsessed with them to the point of being a film critic.

Martin, the tallest person and I guess also has the deepest voice in the group I knew him from the previous Andela bootcamp where I found out that we went to the same high school. He always comes off as a serious person at first glance but has a very friendly nature to him if you get to know him more. He is a really great person to interact with and a conversation with him always ends with each person feeling informed.

Then there is the comedian of the group, Scott. He really has a great sense of humour and the whole team can attest to that. He is also fun to hang around with. He always seeks for assistance when he has a blocker and ready to help when you have one yourself. I recently found out he is from Uganda and that explains why he prefers to communicate in English.

Lastly, our great and fearless leader, Dennis. As he said, You can call him Denno. A lean guy who I can also describe as the silent type. Don't let that fool you into underestimating his contribution because he is always ready to share his knowledge and opinion with the rest of the group. Even though he is the most advanced programmer in the group, he is always respectful and always gets the team members opinion on something before making a decision. As he is the LFA he always gives us a feedback on what we have done. He also makes sure each member's needs have been met and guides us on the ways to tackle a challenge. Also if you want a great mixtape or your party to blow the roof you can hit him up, he is an astounding DJ.

For the sake of time, I will not mention the other team members although they are all important and integral for the team's success. I hope to interact and accomplish more with Team Jupiter as we learn more from each other. I also hope that each member becomes a great software developer and do well in their future endeavours.