Top 10 Bentonite Suppliers in the World

For all those who are not familiar with Bentonite, take head. It is a special type of clay that is said to have healing properties. It can benefit your body in numerous ways. It is a top notch absorbent that does a lot of good. Bentonite is doing the rounds in the wellness industry for quite some time now. People consume this clay internally to reap the many advantages of this wonder clay. The primary reason for the fascination towards this clay is its ability to detoxify the system and fight diseases.

Bentonite is formed with the ashes from volcanoes. In fact, it is one of the seven types of clays that are derived from volcano ashes. The largest production of Bentonite clay comes from Benton which is why it takes its name. It can be used in mud packs, baths, capsules, supplements and powdered goods. Besides its contribution to the wellness industry, it is also prominently used in geotechnical engineering, drilling, as an absorbent and in medical field. They are effective laxatives and are used profusely in medical procedures. They also do a great job at purification and as a binder. This clay is very versatile. To add to the huge list of uses, it also acts as an effective underground barrier. In other words, it is an effective sealant. 
Types of Bentonite:

The type varies depending on the most dominant element present in the clay. Here are some of the important types of Bentonite clay:

1. Sodium Bentonite: As the name suggests, sodium is the element present in this clay. It is also referred to as the swelling type of clay. Sodium Bentonite can absorb water with absolute ease and expand in volume up to 15 times its weight. It is used for industrial purposes and water proofing building and as a binding agent. Bringing it closer to home, it is also used in beautifying as face packs and face masks. It works great as a foot scrub as well. When ingested, it can relieve patients of constipation as it enters the stomach and expands in size due to the presence of water. It then clears the system and regulates bowel movements.

2. Calcium Bentonite: With a higher ratio of calcium in the composition, it is the rarest form of Smectites. It is popular for its healing properties. It is not only an effective choice for external use but it can also be ingested without any ingestion restrictions. They are great for detoxification and improving the skin and hair.

There are other types of Bentonite such as Potassium etc but they are not as popular. Here are the top 10 Bentonite suppliers in the world in the order of ascending production rates.

1. United States
2. China
3. Greece
4. India
5. Turkey
6. Russia 
7. Italy
8. Mexico
9. Brazil 
10. Germany

These countries supply tonnes of Bentonite for export purposes. They also fulfill the demands within the country and use the high production rates to their advantage.

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