“Asia, like the continent?”

“Hi my name is Asiya, nice to meet you!

“Asia, like the continent?”

“No A-see-ya”


“Nope Aseeya like Asiago cheese without the go at the end”

“Ohh I get it now, I won’t forget it!”

Sure enough next time I have met them they forgot. This is how a typical conversation goes when I meet someone, there are plenty of times people get it right away but mostly they don’t at first and eventually they have it down or just entirely ignore me because they’re too embarrassed they don’t remember how to pronounce my name.

I don’t think I ever hated my name, or wish my name was different. Although I met someone and after they heard my name they said “Oh that’s different!” my sarcastic side wanted to respond“well where I am from your name would be different too!” but I didn’t, I wanted the free cupcake from this man and didn’t want to piss him off. I didn’t grow up in USA so until I moved here I didn’t realize how difficult my 5 letter name is to pronounce. I wished I could spell it differently, even though I think it looks pretty the way it is. If I spelled it with two e’s, it would be easier for people to pronounce. “Aseeya”

I do think I could a better job of saying my name slowly and enunciating so people won’t forget but hey I added cheese in it and there are people that don’t get it. Like the guy who makes my breakfast daily at the hotel, we talk for a while and have been for weeks while he makes my veggie omelette to go. I have told him the Asiago cheese thing, still doesn’t get it. This morning he called me “Arsenia” I let him. I had a high school teacher I had for 4 years straight, even until the last day she did not get the pronunciation right.

Sometimes I find it cute and laugh, other time I am like its not that difficult if you truly made the effort you would know how to pronounce it. So what I am trying to say is, I do love my name just the way it is. I think it helps me keep real people around me, and if you didn’t make an effort with name you’ll probably never make an effort with me so toodles.

After this very self absorbed introductory post about my name I would like to say, thank you for reading it and I hope to share more!

I don’t know what birthday this is, my mom doesn’t remember either- I am the middle child!
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