While reading the book “ How to win friends and influence people” by “Dale Carnegle” I learned so many things which was really interesting to know. By reading this I got the idea that people are not interested in knowing yourself they are interested in those guys who are interested in themselves . If we want to have more friends we should have to focus on their issues ,in which situation they are ,knowing about themselves,trying to solve their problems without being selfish or without getting benefit .

Friendship depends on the way you interact with others,your care about them , the way you help them, if you try to understand someone feelings it will give you an appropriate chance to come close to that person .Understanding someone point of view will help you to become a good friend.

When I started to use these techniques in my life after reading such book it acts like a miracle for me because I was the person who can’t become friendly with any stranger very soon. When I started using these tools I learned many things like understanding others ,their thought,their ideas ,knowing about their health ,give them a feeling of care and respect . Which acts like bridge between me and them.Even though a friend which was not so much familiar with me told me about a very sad tragedy of his life which he even did not tell to his any other friend.After listening his story i gave him so many pieces of advice which brought him very close to me like I am his childhood friend.But the fact is I just had given to him 2,3 hours based on such tools which effects a lot.

So if want to influence the people we try to give them time ,knowing them carefully,trying to tackle with their issues which may tease them.

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