Five Ways to Get Out of the Friendzone

The friendzone. It can be a scary place if you don’t want to be in it and not sure how to get out. Chances are you got there because you either:Decided you were going to play the long game and get her to like you as a friend. Once that was sorted, your plan was to put the moves on her; or
Didn’t realize how amazing she was until after you became friends with her.Here are five tips to get out of the friendzone. But only use them if she’s single and you think there’s a chance. If she’s in a relationship or she’s been clear that she’s not into you, you’re going to have to get over her. Sorry

Encourage her to talk about herself. Women will only talk about the personal if they’re comfortable with you. So the deeper the conversation, the better chance you have. The Daily Mail reports on research done at Stanford University: “Women in successful dates talked more about themselves. They used the word ‘I’ more” and, “Men talked about the woman more. They used the word ‘you’ more.” You can try asking a selection of these gems.

Check out her body language and make sure your body language is open and welcoming. Is she leaning in towards you? Angling herself to you? Does she touch her hair or the inside of her wrist? The first two are welcoming body language that show she is interested in what you’ve got to say and the third one is body language that shows she is interested in a little bit more

Flirt! Women are masters of picking up nuance so you may think your subtle hints are loud and clear but we are also masters of selling ourselves short and convincing ourselves the guy we like doesn’t reciprocate. What’s a guy to do? You could straight up tell her you have the hots for her but that would be a terrible idea. Instead, take your flirting up a notch. Need help on that front? Message me.

If you’re feeling confident she is into you then you need to take the plunge and ask her on a date. If she says yes here is your chance to show her you’re better than the rest. You can do this by making the date special (e.g. more than just dinner or drinks). Nothing is sexier than effort. Don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank to be romantic and unique. All you need to do is think about what she likes and incorporate some element of it into the date. Here are some ideas. Don’t squander the opportunity, remember to be charming and flirtatious.

If she’s been flirting back at you and the date is going well, make a move. Rejection is scary and hurts but the pain doesn’t last forever and it’s worth it.
If all else fail, just enjoy the friendship. There’s much worse things that could happen!

xo Ariadna

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