How to tell my boyfriend that I’m not longer a virgin?

Hi Dude, good afternoon!
I was wondering if you help me. I'm dating for the past 6 months a really nice guy. However, we STILL havent had sex. I'm 17 years old and he thinks I'm a virgin, I never talked about it with HIM........ and I'm ashamed to tell . He says he always wanted to be the first in a girl. He is 22 years old . Will he break up with me if I tell the truth ? How should I tell? Or should I pretend I'm a virgin anyway so maybe he had an experience or not even note that I am no longer a virgin. I'm so confused help me please. Many Thx N.Campbell

Hi N. Campbell,

Many thanks for your enquire.

This is a really complex situation so lets treat this in the most nice and casual way, shall we?

It is a tipicall male thing, I am the man you are my woman, I have to be the first bla bla bla. Just as if no one never ever touch him before.

To be honest with you. It is very likely that he not even notice that you are no longer a virgin. Specially because the bleeding when breaking hymen may not even happen. If he wants to be the first from someone, it’s because he still hasn't, and he probably wouldn’t know when a girl is a virgin or not .

My question for you is, how will manage your conscience for not telling him the truth? If you are okay with that, so why not? Give him such joy. As the say in the South West of the globe. What the eyes do not see the heart does not feel. @justaskaman

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