I Have this Really Bad Habit…

Today is the first day of October.

I am sure that wasn’t exactly front page news to you. In fact here in the bible belt it is 35 minutes after six in the evening on the first day of October, and I am just sitting here counting the days.

Four days to be exact. I will have grown another year older and I would have defended my title towards starting yet another digital property account, that I have started on or near my birthday. I started this frightening trend seven years ago when I decided I really needed a Twitter account.

In fact, I started that particular account @askbillmitchell at 4:20pm on the sixth day of October, in 2007. How ironic right? Not really it was completely planned out that way. Mostly because I was bored and thought it would greatly amuse me to start an account at 4:20.

If you don’t exactly get the “4:20" reference, find a stoner to explain it to you. What I can explain is that since that day, I’ve spent a lot of time starting new social media accounts around my birthday. Actually, Twitter wasn’t the first time I started a social media account on or around my birthday.

If I remember correctly, I started my now years defunct Rejaw account around my birthday as well. I would have started that account around 2006? I know that I used Rejaw briefly before I made the move to Twitter, any way I used Rejaw sparingly before it was acquired then ultimately shutdown in 2009.

I have many different social media accounts:






Google Plus

Friend Feed

It’s complete madness, I tell you. Well if you can’t find me online. You aren’t looking really hard.

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