You can, You will, You must!!!

Success will come when you change…

First, you need a “why”. The bigger the “why”, the better. I recently met a motivational speaker that shared with the audience that his “why” was his mother. Every time he thought about giving up, his mother would pop into his mind and he would keep going. Now, he has two self published books and gets paid 💰for speaking engagements.

Secondly, create winning habits 🏆. Habits lay the groundwork for success or failure, poor health habits or good health habits, strong relationship habits or bad ones. Let’s say you’re a salesperson and you have a habit of not following up after a sales pitch? How do you think your career trajectory would look? Some people have the habit of winning (spoiler alert, winning is not luck; its when opportunity meets preparation). Since they’ve infused these winning habits into their DNA, it feels less like “work” and now just a part of who they are. As you build these new winning habits, expect and embrace the challenges, because they will come. On this journey, I caution you to avoid doing it conveniently. Winning and pushing through has never and will never be easy or something done in your comfort zone. Light a match to your comfort zone, it need not exist 💣.

Truth be told, “comfort zone” is the politically correct term for, lazy and scared. Have you ever ever ever seen or heard of someone doing something great and when interviewed mentioned the word “comfort”? What about the most successful person you know, have they ever mentioned this mystical “comfort zone” that allowed them to reach the height of their success? Create winning habits and the more uncomfortable, the better. We have to do something different to get different results.

Environment; are you putting yourself in a winning environment, are you around people that have what you want? If you want to get in shape, it won’t happen on your couch. If you want to sing, you won’t get discovered in your shower. You are the company you keep. You want to be the best sales person in your office, then you should be serving the current top sales person in your office (serving meaning; seeing how you can bring value to them so that they want to impart wisdom to you; this could mean something as simple as sharing a lead with them). You should also be researching your industry and forming the habits of highly effective people in your industry. No need to redo everything, learn what the most effective people are doing and replicate.

Mindset; however you see yourself is how you project yourself. Think about it. You ever met someone that had less than you but just carried themselves like winners? I’m not talking vain, narcissistic or obnoxious. Just confident, a can do, will do, must do spirit. They carry themselves like victory is right around the corner. It’s a mindset. Think about this, everything that you admire, has been created by “someone”. Guess what, you are “someone”. Name your favorite song, someone wrote that, your favorite movie, someone directed that, your favorite painting, yes, you get it, done by someone and if they can do it, so can you!

Other notable best practices: set goals, prioritize, write your plans down, create a vision board, listen to motivational speakers (my favorite is Eric Thomas:, get an accountability partner, get a mentor, read biographies of people that have broken through to where you want to get to, pray, exercise (strong body, strong mind), etc.

Hope this helps



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P.S. 3 business books I’m currently reading (can you say library card; money is no excuse).

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