She Lives an Amazing Life

Your life is truly amazing! When people say that, rarely do I see women rushing to raise their hands to say — Yes, it is! I’m living an amazing life! So what gives? Is “the amazing life” bypassing your address and the streets of other deserving women like you and me? Well, I say No! Instead, I raise my hand and say “Yes, my life is amazing”! It’s not the things that make it so, it’s the understanding that I hold the power to see, declare, own, and embrace much of what makes it so. I hold the power of my own gratitude, dreams, and joy in the palm of my hands and that makes me the ultimate keeper, narrator and orator of my own amazing…

I choose to banish the illusion that my amazing must be devoid of struggle, adversity, and challenge to be amazing! In my amazing, I can bury the word perfection in exchange for words like free, worthy, lovable, and loved. I can see amazing every time I say “yes”, “thank you”, and “well done”. I can experience amazing when I’m at rest and when I’m being, not just doing! More than ever, I can see how accessible my amazing life is and accept that it’s up to me to maintain it. With every portion of my journey I’ve received useful tools to help maintain my amazing. No matter where I am, what is, or what isn’t, these three have yielded gifts that just keep on giving.

Firstly, my new found relationship with Self-Compassion… It took a while but I’m proud to say Self-compassion and I are no longer strangers. In fact, we’ve become good friends over the past couple years. In fact, I don’t apologize nor hide how cool we are with each other. I applaud and exercise the right to be compassionate toward my missteps, missed opportunities, and personal disappointments. I don’t dwell, accuse, or abuse myself with judgment, blame, ingratitude, and harsh criticism. Instead, I’m kind to me. I dare to acknowledge and embrace my effort as a gift no matter the outcome. I offer myself grace, gentleness, and understanding, the same kind I so freely give to other. Together, self-compassion has given me a clearer lens from which to see how amazing I am and how amazing my life really is.

Secondly, I realize my perceptions not only matter but significantly inform how I see and experience everything! What’s the difference between the woman who thins she can and the woman who thinks she can’t? Nothing, their both right! That said, I’m in charge of how I receive the world around me, the disappointments, victories, obstacles, gifts, surprises, questions, delays, yeses, and no’s — they all need my interpretation to tell them who to be! Yes, they’re dependent on me to give them their value. It is I who decides. That’s how amazingly powerful I am! My perception offers the opportunity to see, hear, feel, taste, and access my true reality that I may respond as a winner and active participant in my own amazing life. Whether or not I (you) choose to perceive it as such does not change the fact that each moment presents how truly amazing it is. In essence the woman who perceives her life as amazing and the who doesn’t, are both right!

Lastly, I accept my “Yes” is priceless. I finally own the power of my yes as one that helps paint the canvas that is my amazing life. Not yes to people please, seek validation, or overcompensate. But, yes with the intention of engaging in this one time opportunity at fully living my own life! Yes to vision. Yes to my self-worth. Yes to fun. Yes to service. Yes to insight. Yes to laughter. Yes to healthy relationships. Yes to receiving. Yes to self-care. Yes to forgiveness. Yes to vulnerability. Yes to grace. Yes to love. Yes to change. Yes to the smell of baked goods, an occasional ice cream cone, and girl giggles. Yes to whatever God and my amazing purposeful life are calling me to.

You see, like you, this life of mine is not perfect but that was never ever the requirement. That was never the rule by which to measure my life? So today… I love, I breathe, I have my being — I choose to see the gift of me in my amazing life! How about you? Care to join me?

Dr. Nicole LaBeach is a success strategist who has changed the lives of all who dared to strive for their personal best. She represents a new generation of life, relationship, and executive coaches. Dr. Nicole is the CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc., a premiere personal and professional development firm. Please visit her website:
*This article was first featured in Hope For Women Magazine
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