DJI Osmo — Expert Tips for Capturing the Ultimate Footage

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The DJI Osmo is a hand-held action 4k camera on a stick. This amazing device has become indispensable if you wish to eliminate blur and movement from your footage. Because the Osmo comes with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal which is powered by brush less motors, it can adapt well to your shaky arms.

Does the Osmo come in different variants? What are some cool and unique ways of using the DJI Osmo? How can you capture great footage of real estate interiors using the DJI Osmo? Do you need to fork out hundreds of dollars for expensive Osmo accessories? Is the DJI Osmo a good replacement for your camera? Read on to find out.

Price and Specs Comparison of Osmo Variants

The Osmo comes in 5 different variants. Please refer below for a price and specs comparison.

So, which Osmo variant should you opt for?

The main drawback of using the Osmo Plus is that the feed tends to lag. Feed is further degraded in the entry level Osmo.

Whereas, if you opt for the Osmo Pro, you can choose from a variety of different lenses. For instance, you can opt for the 12 mm or the 15 mm lens. Or maybe the 14–42 mm zoom lens by Olympus.

Because the Osmo Pro comes with a larger sensor size and a greater ISO range, you get more clarity and depth.

The Osmo Pro certainly has a wider range of applications than the entry level variants.

So, can the DJI Osmo prove to be a good replacement for your camera? Bear in mind that the Osmo is not recommended for capturing stills. So if you wish to offer a complete real estate package comprising of exterior video, exterior photos and interior photos, you will have to opt for a good camera like the Nikon D5300 as well as the Osmo.

Some Cool Ways of Using the DJI Osmo

1. Tripod + Extension Arm with DJI Go App — Using a tripod and extension arm will help you move you smoothly move the Osmo around. You can use the DJI Go 4 App to control the camera. DJI Go App works quite well with the Osmo, and there is really no need to use Litchi to control the Osmo.

2. Dolly + Extension Arm — Another cool way of using the DJI Osmo is by mounting it on a skateboard Dolly using an extension arm. You can get some killer sliding shots by doing so. You can slide and tilt at the same time to further heighten the appeal of your footage.

3. Suction cups — Suction cups are convenient for capturing real estate interiors. Using a suction cup, you can mount the Osmo on the top end corner of a room. This enables you to capture house interiors without being in the room itself. Because you can mount your Osmo in the corner of a room, the room will appear bigger than it actually is.

4. Helmet + Go Pro Mount — Go Pro Shots are very shaky. Mounting the Osmo to your bike helmet can give you much more stable shots.

5. Monopod + Extension Arm — If you do not have the ability to bring a drone somewhere, Osmo is a great way to get higher shots. Because the camera remains stable there is no issue of blurry images.

How to Buy DJI Osmo Accessories Without Breaking Your Bank

You will be surprised to find out how hard it is to keep your arms still while walking. Capturing smooth footage is extremely difficult with this constant movement. In this scenario, a camera mount can prove to be useful. Mounts from DJI are fearfully expensive. Consider opting for a Go Pro mount instead. And it costs just 13 dollars.

This Go Pro suction cup at $39 is a great buy as well. It works extremely well in cars, boats and even helicopters!

You can even attach your GoPro mount directly to your drone. Using this handlebar mount holder, you can easily attach the GoPro to your bike. At $18, it is a steal. This killer product comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Rolling Sliding Dolly that we talked about will cost you just $30. And you have unlimited slider length at this price.

There is no denying that the Osmo is a great tool for eliminating blur. However, because of the constant motor noise, sound quality is really terrible. You can consider buying the Olympus ME-15 microphone to take care of this. Weighing only 11 grams, this killer tool comes with a 3.3 foot cord. The cost? Just 25 dollars.

Short battery life is a hindrance. Osmo batteries typically last an hour. You need not despair. There are some great options available on Amazon. At $35, these are pretty affordable. Always carry some spare batteries with you.

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