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Angular 2, AoT, Tree Shaking & Lazy Loading

I’ve been building an ng2 app for the past couple of months and was very excited when Angular 2 Final was released.

I was also disappointed as this meant another “start-over” for me, I did it already for RC4 to RC5 and I knew a final release would be no different.

I was hoping to wait for Webpack 2 but I want to update my production app and start some new ones — so I need it now!

I searched around and didn’t find anything that suited my needs, so like usual, I made my own.

A Simple Angular 2 Starter Application

I guess that’s what I call it. To me it will be the base for all of my ng2 applications so there will be several variations as time goes along

My first version is a basic example that lets you make everything else up.

My next version is more complex and will be more opinionated.

What’s Included?

I include several loaders and commands to help you get started, just check out the README.


I need roll out new ideas quickly and each time I have one I’m stuck having to ‘build’ a new system. MWD makes this complicated and time consuming and with the never ending release cycles it seems impossible to rely on someone else to provide the build system I want.

Creating my own provides the results I expect and sharing it will hopefully help others achieve the same.

Thanks for reading.

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